Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013: Walter Murch: From The Godfather to The God Particle by DocFest Admin

Youtube info:

Join legendary film editor Walter Murch in this fascinating masterclass covering his body of work, including his new feature documentary Particle Fever, which screened at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2013 and won the Audience Award. Universally acknowledged as a master of picture editing and sound design, Murch has worked with, among others, director Francis Ford Coppola on such cinematic milestones as The Conversation, The Godfather I, II and III, and Apocalypse Now. From the point of view of someone who started working in theatrical features when computers were completely absent, to now 45 years later when they are omnipresent, Murch will explore the constants that nonetheless remain after the “bones” of celluloid and sprockets have dissolved away, and examine the salient technical, artistic, and philosophical differences between the post-production of a theatrical scripted film and a feature-length documentary.


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