Using Window Light Portrait for Stills and Video by the Slanted Lens

Youtube Info: In this video we will look at how to use window light as an effective light source to create portraits.

Window light is a natural light source that can create beautiful light for portraits in video and stills. It’s a quick light source that is controlled by the size of the window and the proximity of the subject to the window or light source. Large windows give softer light with brighter backgrounds and smaller windows give harder light with darker backgrounds. Its the same principle as soft boxes. Large boxes create soft light and small boxes create more directional light. We will look at window light as a back light, key light, or flat frontal light. In the process we will explore how skin tone and hair color effect the way we light. Combining someone with dark hair and olive skin and someone with fair skin and red hair creates a challenge. We will discuss how to overcome that challenge. Lets look at Window light as a light source for portraits.


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