Cooking with RJFS: Blood Recipes

Youtube Info: From chocolate syrup dripping from victims on black and white film, to Dick Smith’s realistic concoction that almost saddled Taxi Driver an X rating, fake blood has evolved and changed throughout the years, creatively adapting to whatever the story needs. Movie blood, in its many consistencies, colors and forms, has been an historical and essential part of the filmmaker’s toolkit. So just in time for Halloween, Dez and Joey walk us through several recipes for fake movie blood that you can make yourself at home, including the famous recipe from legendary makeup effects artist Dick Smith.

Check out the full list of ingredients with links, including Dick Smith’s recipe, HERE:…

Important Reminder: Any time you are shooting movies that include blood effects, gore, violence, or weapons, please let your neighbors (or school campus / authorities) know in advance that you will be shooting these types of scenes, and that all props and effects are fake. Most film schools have strict rules in place for this, especially for prop weapons. Stay informed, be prepared, and you can keep it fun.


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